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Chamonix, France March of 2019

In March of year 2019, we visited the beautiful city of Chamonix. The mountains there are absolutely spectacular. The jagged peaks are just about the best we've ever seen.

We also enjoyed snow skiing as well as hiking through a really cool ice cave.

At the time, we lived in Tampa Bay, Florida and the flights to visit our usual Utah or Colorado to go skiing were all in the $750- $1,000 ranger per passenger. We found this too good to be true rate of only $550 per person to go to Paris. That is what we did and just rented a car and drove the 6 hours to arrive in Chamonix.

It was by far one of our most favorite ski trips of all time. The snow conditions were perfect with all fresh powder. The picturesque scenery everywhere was just breathtaking, especially when viewed from the ski lifts. We highly recommend a visit to Chamonix!

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Thanks for looking at our photos, Greg Arbutine

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Love those jagged mountain peaks!

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