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The Moon

In the year 2019, I invested $1,000 into a lower grade long lens 3000mm Nikon CoolPix P1000 camera. To my surprise, it was able to get some really awesome photos of the moon. I was able to get some great details of the moon's many craters as well as some just great overall photos of the moon in general.

I haven't had a lot of use of the camera since then. I have taken it on other trips and have gotten some great detail shots of high mountain peaks. Going to try to use it as a wildlife spotting scope on some future national parks trips.

Enjoy my shots of the moon!

Media Relations

We are interested in giving comments, commentary and free commercial usage on all the above photos that you are interested in using them for media articles.

Thanks for looking at our photos,

Greg Arbutine

Artist Greg Arbutine Owner

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Cool photos of the moon!

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